December 30, 2007

Stop to shop

Lord save me from the disastrous shopping trips I end up into. Last afternoon, my parents got a pleasant surprise when I announced, ‘I feel like shopping.’ Their eyes gleamed on hearing this rare expression from the Big B and immediately mom got ready to accompany me for shopping.

Alright, I know I’m a little too choosy when it comes to clothes (more than 4 clothes still have price tags attached to it and more than a dozen shirts that I haven’t touched since ages still usurp my wardrobe space). But then, that’s me. Live with it.

Almost an hour into the shop, and I felt like banging my head against the wall. Why, no I mean, WHY don’t I ever get the kind of clothes I want?? All of them are so tight and dhinchak. Why can’t they just keep simple, normal clothes? Everything has to be so bloody body-fitted. I mean, how do even people breathe in it? Tight jeans and tight t-shirt. Go to a tailor and he wouldn’t even have to take out his measuring tape to know your vital stats! And everything seems to be so loud (probably, it’s my mistake - I went during party season). Everything was glittering – loaded with sequins, stones and God alone knows what all.

Anyways, my point is why does fashion have to come in the way of what you feel comfortable in? Isn’t it ok if I don’t like those clothes? Wouldn’t it be just fine to move around in my jeans and kurta? No, I’m absolutely normal. Just that I detest this whole idea of going with the ‘in’ thing.

End of topic. No more shopping trips for me. In 2007 I mean. Better luck in 2008!

Wish you all a very happy New Year!!! :)


~ ॐ ~ said...

nothing beats Kurta and Jeans.. fitted clothes do make some women look super sexo...

though, I have to agree that in my college days, i use to be more attracted towards the kurta clad girls :)

bhumika said...

fashion for me is sth i feel really comfortable in...some ppl can carry body-hugging clothes very well. Nth against those clothes, just that i wouldn't want to alter my ways 'cos somebody believes 'that' is fashion...

jeans and kurta looks cool - even on guys ;)

Kay said...

Have a great year Lady...

And better luch with clothes..

For me it's always what my mood dictates..And why care for fashion if you aren't comfortable in them?

And you're right..No normal clothes in shops this season..i always end up being my own designer when it comes to clothes..


bhumika said...

thanks kay...a very happy new year to you too. and guess wat? 2008 did prove lucky for me - bought my kinda clothes yest :)

hope everything else also goes this smoothly this year!