December 14, 2007

O re piyaa...


It’s amazing how one song can capture all of these emotions so powerfully. It’s after a really long time that a song has touched my heart so deeply. The lyrics are so euphemistic, the music so sufiana and the voice simply magical...

It’s the song ‘O re piya’ from the movie Aaja Nachle, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

O re piya haye
Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye

Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai

O re Piya
O re Piya haye
O re Piya

Nazrein bolen duniya bole
dil ki zaban haaye dil ki zubaan
Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai
Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai

O re piya haaye
O re piya

Nange pairo pe angaro
chalti rahi haaye chalti rahi
Lagta hai ke gairo mein
Palti rahi haaye
le chal wahan jo
Mulk tera hai
Jahil zamana
dushman mera hai


O re piya haye

You need to listen to it to know what I’m saying. Here it is.


~ ॐ ~ said...

its rare that something which is Sufi does not touch hearts...

i think its about the music as well in addition to the lyrics... Sufi rocks...

or should we say sufi soothes?

Debanshu Mukherjee said...

More than the song, it is your own mood that determines as to how would it affect you!

bhumika said...


undoubtedly, sufi soothes :)


very true...i feel this song suits every mood :)

thanks for dropping by. btw ur photograph quote has become quite popular on the blogosphere :)

Piggy Little said...

i agree with debu, its ur mood that determines how a song affects u. it didnt affect me that much :D

the song which affected me more was rashid khans' rendition of aaoge jab tum o saajna from Jab We Met.

bhumika said...

hmmm...Maybe my present state of mind absorbs this song with much meaning to it... Haven’t heard the song u’ve mentioned here, will try n listen to it...

tk cr :)

Jui Chitre Deshmukh said...

thanks yaar bhumi.. i had no clue this song exists.. ur take on the song convinced me to hear it..

bhumika said...

thanks jui...glad to know u liked it...i knew u would :)

mobz said...

can you please tell the meaning of Aaja Nachle - O Re Piya, word for word.

mobz said...

can you tell me the meaning in english word for word

bhumika said...

hi mobz, i would try and let you know the meaning in english...however, i fear it'll loose its beauty in translation

Anonymous said...

wats o re piya mean in english?

bhumika said...

@mobz and tabassum

here's the meaning in english:


o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa...
(O beloved...)

uRne lagaa kyon man baawlaa re
(Oh, why did my crazy soul begin to fly?)
aayaa kahaa.n se yah ho.nslaa re
(Oh, where did this courage come from?)
o re piyaa o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved...)

taanaa-baanaa taanaa-baanaa buntii hawaa haaye buntii hawaa
(The breeze teases and taunts me, oh, the breeze plays havoc with me.)
buu.nde.n bhii to aaye nahii.n baaz yahaa.n
(Even the raindrops won't shower here again.)
saazish me.n shaamil saaraa jahaa.n hai
(The whole world is part of the intrigue.)
har zarre zarre ki yah intezaar hai
(I never stop waiting.)

o re piyaa
(O beloved!)
o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved...)
o re piyaa
(O beloved!)

nazare.n bole.n duniyaa bole
(The glances are telling, the world is telling)
dil kii zabaan haaye dil kii zabaan
(the story of my heart, oh, the story of my heart.)
ishq maa.nge ishq chaahe koii tuufaan
(Love prays, love wishes for a hurricane.)
chalnaa aahiste ishq nayaa hai
(A new love slowly walks in.)
pahalaa yah waadaa ham ne kiyaa hai
(This is the first promise we gave.)

o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved...)
o re piyaa piyaa
(O beloved, beloved.)
yah piyaa
(This beloved.)

na.nge pairo.n pe a.ngaro.n chaltii rahii haaye chaltii rahii
(You were stepping on burning charcoal barefoot, oh, you kept walking.)
lagtaa hai ke gairo.n me.n me.n paltii rahii haaye
(Oh, it seems that you were brought up among strangers.)
le chal wahaa.n jo mulk teraa hai
(Take me to your country.)
zaahil zamaanaa dushman meraa hai haaye
(Oh, the cruel world is my enemy.)

o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye...
(O beloved...)

mobz said...

Dear Bhumika, I would have given you a big fat kiss but i'll just say thank so very much for now!
Do you have an e-mail add?

Amrita said...

"Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai"

i love this song! first time i heard it i seriously couldnt believe my ears, it's that mesmerizing. i was really surprised to hear such a beautiful song nowadays in bollywood most of the songs dont make sense, but this one is very special.

Dusty Fog said...

all well? long time no piece put up there...!!!!! and thank you for dropping by and leaving me a nice message...yup..the new year was you had alovely time ushering in the new year...have a great 2008....!!!

bhumika said...


you are welcome


yeah, this song definitely comes across as a pleasant surprise. thanks for visiting my blog...


i'm year was great - went off to sleep at 10.30 to welcome 2008 with a good night sleep :P hope you had a great time on 31st. Time for you to welcome 2008 with a new post, isn't it?

Molly said...

omg I love this song so much its not even funny. Thank you for translating it for me!!

Molly said...

oops wrong account.
thank you for translating!

Tj said...

Wow! Thank u for that translation. I've been trying to get it since forever. This is definitely one the best ghazhals i've ever heard. Truly enchanting!

Anonymous said...

As I do not understand much Urdu, this translation of one of my favorite songs is greatly appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

"jaahil zamaanaa dushman meraa hai"
is probably my all-time favorite line. The translation I took of it was pretty different, though. And it's pretty hard not to get ten differnt translations for any one of these lines.
zaahil, or jaahil, is foolish or narrow-minded. zamaanaa is generation or time/age. dushman is someone dead set against you. meraa is my, and hai is is.
so this foolish generation cannot understand him, basically. and they're his dushman, the evil in his life, the reason he cannot be with her. the song is o re piya... he's separated from his lover... perhaps because of the ignorance of the time. they might be two different religions or from different backgrounds. well, at least that's what happened to me, which is why i love the line so much. :P

Anonymous said...

i completely agree, there are so many different meanings that can be derived from the verses.
here's something interesting i found. more of a jist of the song, than literal translation.

bhumika said...

@molly, ti

you are welcome :) good to know that you'll liked this song.


thanks for sharing that jist. It's beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Its true , as one writer defined , that the meaning hits on many levels and takes an essence that mirrors the mood of each of us - the listener.

Some thoughts on this song that I wish to share ...

Firstly, this song is sung of the emotions of a woman as described by a gentleman...a powerful portrayal if you ask me - intimacy of the soul.

AS for some of the stanzas -
"tanabana-tanaban" is an old phrase used for the making of yarn into knitting - it can be understood in a double meaning - the knitting of the breeze emulates that which goes on in her emotions 0- also the world that plays off of her emotions - can describe pain and joy in one moment.

" Nazaren bole Duniya Thole" here thole means to search/excavate - so as her eyes speak of her feelings the world rumors of the truth.
Another amazing line - "chalna ahiste ishq naya hain" - is she slowly walking into love or is love slowly walking into her - nice duality here.

All in all, this song has done justice to these emotions, and this is just my take on it...
I have enjoyed reading from all of you!

bhumika said...


thanks for sharing your thoughts. after knowing the dual meanings of those phrases, i'm in love with that song all over again :)

Anonymous said...

islamislamic sion enacted discipline wits nurtured nirman lancet shen vicinity neighbors
lolikneri havaqatsu

Anonymous said...

i love this. it's so beautiful. :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this song. I heard it tonight while watching Aaja Nachle and I was rendered speechless by the beauty and flow and rhythm of this song. Everything about it is breathtaking. :)

Unknown said...

this song is purely based on the girls's prerogative eventhough it is sung by ali depicts the turmoil within her mind n the longing to be with her lover eventhough she knows that it wd be goin against the society n her upbringing..

in the 1st stanza, it speaks about her emotional turmoil where the wind is taunting her n even the raindrops r not in her control...
(but i would like to know from someone the exact meaning of the last line, har zzarreain zarreain ki yeah iltiza hai..)

2nd stanza is all about how she is tryng in vain to fight with her inhibitions whn she knows tht the society is watching her every step.she wants love n doesnt want to rush either.

3rd stanza talks abt the difficulties she is facing in declaring her love for him n the way she is stranded even in the company of others(her family frnds n society).she is feeling soo lonely that she wants him to take her to his country coz she knows that in her world no one cares about her love n will never uderstand her either..

after wacthing the whole song n the way it was picturised, i hope this is wt the author had in mind while composing this song..

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

plzz mail me at really want to kno wt exactly that line means..