March 31, 2009

Thirty on Thirty

What do you plan to do when you turn 30? Travel to someplace you've never been before, buy that diamond ring you've been eyeing for months altogether or just ignore it as if it were just another birthday?

Well, my friend Prashant who turns 30 this month, wishes to do something really significant. He has initiated project 30on30. The idea is on raising 30,000 INR for a cause - For Child Education and Rights - by selling 30 photographs taken by him. 100% of the funds raised through 30on30 would go to Sankalp, a project of ASK , which is based out of Moradabad.

Gift a smile. Support 30on30.

'Falling in Love' - one of my favourite pics taken by Prashant

You too can contribute towards a child's education. All you need to do is go to 30on30 and buy one of the many beautiful pictures displayed there. The details of the print size, shipping cost, receipt, etc.are mentioned on the site. You can also help us spread the word - write about it on your blog or simply mail a couple of friends. A little gesture by you will go a long way to brighten up someone's life!

Thanks Prashant for including me in the 'team' and to Swati and Subhadip for making this come together :)


Subhadip said...

Well, I will repeat what I just wrote on Swati's blog: You guys are introducing it so well, I think I will just copy-paste and put it on my blog!

Wishing this project a huge success. Cheers :)

megha puNAter" said...

this is grand.
i already reserved one photo
all the best.

Piggy Little said...

a great idea i agree, but i think for the average indians who do not really think of "charity" in "that sense" 1000 + actuals of shipping etc. is a little too steeply priced, irrespective of the quality/ quantity of the photograph. plus, i think if the price is reduced, the audience and target base increases dramatically, naturally.


~ ॐ ~ said...

Thanks Bhoomi for being a part of the team... this has to be one of the best projects I have been on...

@ Piggy Little
Thanks for your honest remark and I have no reason to disagree with what you said... having said that, there is a value attached to the photographs when it comes to putting them into an exhibition and I should not have brought the price down too much.. .

There are people who earn a living by photography and acts like these can set a bad example for them professionals... I would not do that..

Another point of view would be the amount an average professional would spend on a decent dinner with his family.. I am sure the bill would be close to about 1000 bucks if not more.. a thousand bucks does not really seem that big a deal that way, but it can be a very big deal to the kids who gain something out of it...

However if you feel you need to contribute, and would not like to pay the amount mentioned on the site, please feel free to write to me and we can discuss :)

The intention is fund raising for Sankalp and not earning money.. the more the merrier...

Thank you for bringing this point up. I feel it is important

bhumika said...


go ahead! no copyright on this one :)


:) thanks for your support megha


point taken. though prashant has given his explanation i look at it this way - think of the pic as just a token of appreciation for donating rs. 1000 for a child's education. Something that will remind you of your kind deed :)


more than happy to be associated with this project :)

Vineeta said...

Bhumika, I checked your blog & saw this post & I've made a post on my blog about 30 on 30. just to spread the good word

bhumika said...

:) thanks vineeta!

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