May 03, 2009

On gifting

Gifts reflect as much about the giver as they do about the receiver. As for me, I always prefer giving anything that’s handmade. So it’s nothing like going and picking up a hallmark card (not that I hate them), but something that’s personalized – something unique that’s made keeping the receiver in mind.

Last month, my aunt invited us for her house warming ceremony. Since she loves plants, I thought of gifting her one. But then, I didn’t want to give it in a usual pot. So I decided on experimenting a bit. An aluminum tea pot, some acrylic colours, inspiration from my rangoli designs and voila! I had a gift which I knew she would love!

My aunt loved it it and has placed it on a lovely mahogany table at the entrance. I’ll soon be making some more – have got orders from other aunts :P. Will try some more designs then.

P.S.: 30on30 was a huge success and Prashant collected almost double the amount for the initiative! A big thank you to all those who made a contribution towards the cause in their own special way.


Piggy Little said...

i love it too. i had a friend over the other day and she said i could well become an interior designer.

i dont think its such a bad option, so many people ve given up their comfy jobs to do what they love. and this is just a part of me.

remember the time wen we were in class 11/12 n we saw in the eco times how "dried flowers" were emerging as good gifting options and how their market was expanding ;-)

i still remember those times n smile to myself....and wish that one day, i can do just people build beautiful homes.

love u.

Anonymous said...

Remarkable coincidence, this article. I've been thinking a lot about what a 'gift' is & what gifting means...

Needless to say, the kettle is quite wow.

Arch at Rang said...

This is awesome Bhumika!

Lovely! I love the chai-walla kettle:-)

So glad 30 on 30 was a great success!



bhumika said...


if not for the book, we can set up our small shop of unusual and hand-picked artefacts :) infact, my horoscope for the day reads, 'you might consider leaving your job to pursue a hobby'!!! :P

and yes, dried flowers were such a rage then! and you continue to be obsessed about it...


Am glad that you brought up the topic of gifting. I think that needs a post :)

thanks for the appreciation.


thanks :) coming from you, it really makes me feel proud.

and yes, 30on30 was such a great initiative. I'm glad i could be a part of it, all thanks to Prashant.

Vineeta said...

This is beautiful Bhumika!! Bright yellow and all happy & its a lovely idea to use a teapot as a planter :) No wonder your aunts are all lined up for a bit of your art :)

I think a DIY wave is spreading through so many of us. I know atleast 5 people who've started drawing and sketching and having fun experiments with their art- including me. I will post on my blog one of these days the experiments I have been upto :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

this is beautiful :)

chai ki ketli mein hai to aur bhi sahi dikh rahi hai :)

bhumika said...


even i loved the bright yellow and it goes so well with the green of the plant :)

do share your work and other interesting DIY projects


i knew you would like it and i actually thought of giving this for the 'chaibaaz' posts on ur blog.

I am said...

Hi Bhumika,

Came to your blog through the 30ON30 link. Congrats on the success and off course a lovely pot..

personalization always makes a difference.

Subhadip said...

That's awesome! Brilliant idea :)

sreenisreedharan said...

its a lovely pot bhumika, nice colors too.

bhumika said...

@i am

yes, personalization makes all the difference :)

glad that 30on30 got such a great support! thanks!


thank u haiji :)


welcome to the blog! thanks for your appreciation :) yea, i love the bright yellow with the green of the plant.

Anonymous said...

hi bhumika! loved the teapot, do you do acrylics directly on the aluminium? have been wanting to try some stuff.

bhumika said...


thanks :) yea, i applied acrylic directly to the aluminium. wanted to apply varnish to the pot but then i liked the matte effect.

btw, i simply love your work. how can i get some for myself?

megha puNAter" said...

wow i love the kitlee as they call it. great work bhumika.

Deepak Singh Dogra said...

Love this.

Abaniko said...

I'm sure your Aunt like it because, aside from it being creatively done, it's also a labor of love.

bhumika said...


yes the 'kitlee culture' - as they call it in a'bad. thanks for your appreciation :)


Glad you visited my blog. It's a great feeling. Thank you!


Welcome to the blog! Thanks for your kind comments.

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anandhirajan said...

wow nice kettles.Great idea

Anonymous said...

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