October 28, 2007

In the name of God

i came alive
from the burning flames
while she stood there
succumbing to the political games

they slit open her womb
and flung the foetus in the pyre
who would say they are humans?
they were beasts
in human’s attire

‘in the name of god we do this’
they killed mercilessly and said
one ghastly act provoked another
and soon the untamed fire spread

six years have passed
but those screams still haunt me
the bloodbath, the horrifying sights
flash across unexpectedly and jolt me

‘you were lucky to have escaped the genocide’,
they thank the lord and say
somebody go tell them
i was saved once
but i die every single day


Soulmate said...

Save the girl child.. Really need to awaken the mass.. Going by the number the foeticides happening, the day is not far away when females will be on the verge of extinction and we will become endangered 'species'...

Anonymous said...

very cool

bhumika said...


It’s really unfortunate that despite being one of the most progressive states in India, Gujarat ranks high in the practice of female foeticide.



Jui Chitre Deshmukh said...

"somebody go tell them
i was saved once
but i die every single day"

love these lines bhumika ..

Unknown said...

Lovely!! esp the last line...very nice:)

Anonymous said...



bhumika said...


dhanyawaad, they are my favs too...


thanks dear.


thanks for visiting. love your blog :)