October 24, 2007

Urban Escape

As I drive to office, I cannot help but notice the dichotomies surrounding me at every juncture. I find myself staring at streets and pedestrians, looking for a deeper meaning hidden behind each of them - the tall buildings juxtaposed against the slums of the construction workers; an old man struggling to peddle his cycle being overtaken by a minor riding a kinetic; an empty restaurant next to a roadside tea stall thronging with customers; a man selling low-priced clothes on a hand-cart parked under a huge hoarding of Benzer; a group of IT engineers crossing the road while being cautious not to step on the coconuts and lemons sprinkled with sindoor and placed on the crossroads in order to ward off evil... Every single day I come across a new story and find myself getting lost in the details of urbanity. The multi-layered essences intrigue, inspire and enthrall me. The city in its myriad facets weaves a reality that is so hard to believe and so convenient to ignore…


Anonymous said...

good one.

quick question - can I add yours to the blog list on my page ?

bhumika said...

thanks girish.

"can I add yours to the blog list on my page?" - No please, i don't want people to see my name on ur blog list and then land up on my blog and keep checking my posts every now and then, leave comments - good or bad and eventually make me realize that my posts are being read...no girish, i don't want publicity of any sort...

i could say this, but i won't :P

ofcourse, you can add me on your blog list :)

Piggy Little said...

its times and goose bump giving readings like this that i wonder why u and i aint writers :)

u write beautifully baby..keep it on.

i ma not

bhumika said...

"i wonder why u and i aint writers"

well, if you define 'writers' as people whose work ultimately gets published, we are about to reach there neha.

"i may not"

one tight slap - MTV ishtyle :P

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