August 31, 2007

@ L 5 -13

This one comes especially for my roomies, with whom i've spent some of the best moments of my life :) makuts...we rock!!

Hariyali se dhaki un galiyon mein
Humne bhi ek jahan banaya tha

Ek chote se kamre mein
Duniya ke har sukh ko paaya tha

Yaaron ke saath bitayi thi kai shaamein
Tanhaiyon mein thandi hawaon ko apnaya tha

Bin vajah kiye the jahan jhagde
Phir gale lag, ek dusre ko manaya tha

Har baat pe hasi
Har cheez mein shararat
Har pal ek naya khwaab sajaya tha

Us kamre ki woh choti khidki se
Humein ek naya aasmaan nazar aaya tha

Shayad khud hi ko khokar
Humne wahan ek naye main ko paya tha

August 27, 2007

Ratatouille - The movie review

Ratatouille may seem like a simple story of a rat named Remy who wants to become a chef, but it goes much beyond than that. It's a story that reinstates the idea that nothing is impossible to achieve. People will always ridicule you and let you down, they'll tell you time and again that you are not made for a particular task, but that shouldn’t come in your way of realizing your dreams. There may be 'ego' clashes too (ego is a food-critic in the movie), but if you have the passion and the determination, nobody can stop you from achieving what you want. It does a Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and re-establishes the notion - Believe in yourself!

My favourites from the movie:

The art of cooking

Food is like music. Each thing has its own taste, just like the different sounds. But when they come together, they create a symphony of sorts. There are immense possibilities and all you need to do is close your eyes and imagine what magic can be created when these things merge. In that sense, every cook is an artist who's culinary skill strikes a chord.


Gustauve, the famous chef from Paris and Remy's mentor believes "Anyone can be a cook." It's a thought that comes across time and again in the movie, only to reinforce the idea that everyone in the world has the potential to achieve something great. You just need to realize it.


Ego, the cynical food-critic says some really beautiful lines towards the end, which are from his last article in the paper. He talks about the job of a critic - a person who simply needs to pass a word on the hardwork of someone else. Over the years, the critic may grow accustomed to his power, may become 'ego'istic, but then comes a time where he realizes his mistake.

It's a must-watch for everyone! So go ahead, have a laugh, enlighten yourself and return to comment on this post :)

August 22, 2007

There she comes..

Ah, there she comes…

With a spirit that finds solace
In the chilly wind
Which cracks her skin
And reaches out to her soul

With a silence that speaks
Of the gratitude she feels
Towards the one that lit
An unflinching fire in her heart

With restless eyes
Looking for something
She had unwilling left behind
The last time

Now her eyes light up
A smile dawns on her face

She is back to the place where she belongs -


August 09, 2007

Pune Calling!

Yayyy! Leaving for a 4 day getaway to Pune today. Been away from this beautiful city for almost 4 months and this is just the right time to be there. I have been informed by reliable sources that the weather there is awesome! All I can think of right now is the lush-green University, coffee and muska bun at good luck and hours of chit-chatting with good ol' friends…Will have more stories to share once I'm back! :)

August 08, 2007

On rains..

Seems like all good memories get evaporated
And strike on you in the form of rain
When it rains
you feel refreshed
though you sit in a room
and don't get wet
Sipping tea while it rains
Funny how a drizzle
is enough to start a flood
of thoughts