June 30, 2008

The first mistake

A little mistake and everything goes for a toss. All the goodwill that you've earned washes away in a nano-second. You look at yourself and ask, 'how the hell didn't i notice that mistake'. They look at you and say, 'we didn't expect this from you'. So what are you supposed to do. Say sorry is the first thing that comes to mind but that doesn't solve anything. Next you accept your mistake and promise that such a thing wouldn't happen again. Peace enters the room but you just can't come over the fact that you missed that silly mistake. The clean slate you had all this while shows a mark. And no matter how small it is, its so evident. It's right there, in front of you.

Damn...how could i miss that.


Soulmate said...

I learnt this from my previous boss. Put a black dot on an absolutely clean white board. Whenever you will see the board, the first thing that is noticed is the black dot.. No matter how small or where it is placed..
Same goes for the mistake. People tend to see them first and then the white board.

Anonymous said...

ergo, it is better to keep everyone's expectations of one so low that when one does screw up, it's not remarkable.

Kshitij said...

To error is Human, and to lear from ones mistakes is the best way to learn i guess. I dont think you are ever making that one again...

bhumika said...


true...that one mark is more clearly visible than the white board. But i know its just a matter of time :)


wah! great advice sirji :P


yes, now that i know how miserable it feels, i'm not going to do anything that will cause that pain again...

Swapnil said...

Slap your forehead, give a I-can't-believe-I-did-that smile and move on. Nothing else you can do to it. Though I'm very VERY curious about what that hoffific mistake was...:)

still water said...

hey bhumika,

Thanks for the comment on the work.
:) Didn't know where to put this response, so hope this is fine.


Piggy Little said...

honestly, i dont know why u even care two hoots about it?
its just a stupid mistake, everyone makes them. plus wat are the chances they wud not ve screwed it up ;)

perhaps, they would have been worst :P

n next time round, tell them this: sometimes things are so obvious that you just miss them. no excuse, but an explanation.


bhumika said...

@swapnil and neha

come to think of it now, it wasn't that big a mistake. But these things get big cos afterall it would have been printed and thousands of ppl would have read it.

The purpose of the post was to vent it out, to 'slap my forehead' and move on and well, it worked!

Kabhi fursat mein batayenge ki woh mistake kya thi :)


you're welcome. Glad to know that ur placed in a'bad. btw even i'm from a'bad. would like to see your work someday :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

tht feeling is very very bad.. slapping your head kinds exactly!! where r u working, btw?

Chugs said...

hope u (and everybody u know) is fine in amdavaad. take care.
(u should put up a mail id here on the blog)