June 07, 2008

Artistic Expressions

And i thought candle light dinners were supposed to be romantic! :)
I wonder what the visualiser must have thought of when he selected this particular font for 'candle light dinner.' Let me guess - Is he afraid of the dark? Did he watch a horror movie before making this layout? Or did he simply remember the first time he went out for a candle light dinner with his girlfriend, which turned out to be a horrifying experience?
Whatever be the reason, the point is the right font makes all the difference!


Chugs said...

just goes to show how design influences and trains one's thinking.
because the font has been used extensively as part of horror movies, horror is the first thing that comes to your mind rather than a dripping candle. (it might have been the opposite if "dripping candle movies" were made and the font was used as part of them! :p)

Anonymous said...

haha! good one!

Even the candle seems to be ghostly! i am really curious about this one now...


Anonymous said...

it's going to be a light dinner alright... heh.

bhumika said...

@ chugs

interesting insight, i must say. It's true that because we have seen something in a particular context, we automatically make the first association accordingly.

I hope everything's fine at your end. It's been quite some time since I figured some interesting links on your blog.

@ Atul

Straight from the song 'noori' :P

@ girish

wah! hehe

dharmabum said...

hehe, nice.

i think it is the last among the reasons you have attributed :P

Anonymous said...

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Sree said...

Maybe he meant people drooling with the thought of food?haha.

Nice observation there.

Soulmate said...

Couldnt agree to this more. Its more to do with what we have seen the font/design first as.. The dripping candle and the literally melting font actually reminds of old Ramsay Brothers' horror movies.. guess the scary eyes are the only thing that is missing..

bhumika said...


:) must have been quite an experience for the poor chap!


welcome to my blog! thanks for your comments


how the hell didn't i think of that?! :P


hehe...ramsay movies were anything but horror :) (yeah, i can say that only now).