July 31, 2007

What stops us from blogging?

The following reasons are based solely on my observation and interpretation. You are free to add some more:

a) Fear. This is perhaps the most common and biggest problem. Blogs being public diaries give you an online face-value. You don't want to end up writing something rubbish. You also have the fear that perhaps your language is not fit enough to be 'published' online or not as good as your creative friends'. I would say - chill. There is only one way to overcome this fear - write, write some more and keep writing to flex those writer's muscles or else they will soon become inactive.

b) Too many ideas at one time. This is another problem with many people, including me :) . I always start with one idea but can never concentrate on it. As a result I have many unfinished works. Finally, I have realized that there is no harm in it but it shouldn't distract you to such a great extent that you do not write anything at all!

c) The perfect blend. You always want to write something which has a perfect flow - a good beginning, middle and an end. But when you sit to write, you cannot write accordingly. It's always that the writer in you clashes with the editor in you. I would suggest - let the creative juices flow. Then put on the editor's hat and give it the final touch.

d) Time. Yes, it’s one of other big reasons which we always produce when someone asks us, 'Hey, haven't seen you update your blog lately?'. I know we all have prior commitments and loads of peripheral work which requires all our attention. But it doesn’t take hours to write something, isn't it? So just log on, write something- one or two lines of how your day has been, some random thoughts, song of the day, some lyrics that kept haunting you, etc etc. These little things will help you stay in the groove.

e) Motivation. Whatever you do, you look for some kind of motivation. In case of blogs, it's the reader's comments. When you see those comments, you know someone out there is reading your blog and hence are motivated to post something more and also experiment a bit with your topics, your language. Comments help you grow as a blogger, which is something not possible with your personal diaries. So, if you read something which is good or wherein you could add something, always leave a comment. Not only does it help you in networking, but it also motivates the other person.

Like I said before, these are solely based on some talks with friends and observation. So, I many or may not be right. The reason I state the ways we can overcome this block is because I think everyone has a story to tell and blogs are a fantastic way to share them. So, keep blogging and hope to see your updated blog soon :)


mitali said...

Agreed completely..I myself come across this trouble so often. When I begin with something, there are so many things I want to say that I end up going awry. Plus, the writer and the editor in me often end up clashing. Nonetheless, the trick is to keep writing, like you said, which is what I am going to do. And comments of course truely motivate you to be at it. By the way, thanks for putting across a apart of my thoughts on your blog :)

Anonymous said...

the last two posts have been quite insightful... really nice poetry, the previous one.

bhumika said...

thank u guys...like i said, COMMENTS definitely motivate you to keep posting on your blog...so keep it up :)

P said...

Well written and most certainly insightful! :)

Geoff said...

I love posts like this one. While it's not the most creative thing to do, figuring out just what things are getting in the way of productive writing is usually the first step toward getting over those hurdles. I think I've been hit by all of these before. Sometimes two at once.

I really like your blog. Thanks for stopping by Tapping Creativity.


bhumika said...

@perspective inc

thanks...love your blog :)


looking forward to get a copy of your book to overcome these hurdles :)

veegee said...

Finally I have started a blog of my own..and Im sure this post of yours has made the difference...thx a lot

bhumika said...

Thanks vikram and welcome to the blogosphere :)