July 06, 2007

I feel like KKKKilling them!

God, how can someone even stand them - yes, I'm talking about the much detested K serials. A few days ago I did sit through one of those stupid programs. Feels like I went through some kind of agnipariKsha…but people, I survived! I was helpless - had fever and a severe headache and was lying on the sofa in the room. My mother entered the room realizing that it's 9 and religiously switched on the television to watch Kasautii Zindagii Kay. (don’t know why the double 'i' and why the spelling 'kay' while it is pronounced as 'ki' ??)

Mother was relieved to find that she'd simply missed the recap. And guess what? Even I thought of watching the program, since there was nothing else to do…duh. But I wanted to know what is it about these serials that women simply cannot resist. So, I gathered all courage and sat through the torture for 30 minutes.

How, no I mean HOW idiotic can any program get?? Everyone seems to be staying in a raj-mahal; there is no concept of day and night - it always seems like day, thanks to the flat lighting; there is no concept of age - you look like 25 even when you have a daughter of that age?! And yes, the men apparently never go to office and the women are always decked-up in glittering saris and loaded with matching jewellery (the latter can be witnessed in any social gathering nowadays!). There is much more than this, but even listing it down gives me a headache.

But what really got on my nerves was the editing pattern. One nonsensical sentence by a character and the camera goes dhatang dhatang (back and forth disco style) on all the peripheral characters present in a room. While one face has the expression of omigod, the other simply says OH…MY…GAWD. At the end of the day, all of them give the same expression. But do not underestimate the editor. He has other ways of showing astonishment, anger, sorrow, etc. The camera goes whoosh ( left to right), then whoosh (right to left) and another whoosh (tilting from top to bottom). So it serves as some kind of a repeat telecast. If you missed it once, here we are showing it to you the second time. Oh, you missed it again? Never mind, we are here to go whoosh even the third time.
The more whooshes, the more dhatang dhatangs on various characters, the better the registration amongst audience- well, that's what the editors think.

Thankfully, there were more advertisements during the serial, which were far more entertaining than the program. At the end of those 30 minutes, my head started to ache even more severely (what else could you expect?). But I still cannot decide who is more dim-witted - the makers of the serial or the viewers...


Anonymous said...

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Piggy Little said...

hehehehehehe :D
i know i know...even i watch it sometime to ensure i can pass nice commentary no the serial..use it for that purpose. u wont be bored :P
check me, i am updated ;)


Unknown said...

I am sure you had better things to lighten u up...or, kill time precisely!
Talking abt Kasauti...(phew! y such looooong names??)I have never seen Bongs similar to the characters shown in the serial.NEVER!!