November 17, 2009

Arranged Marriage

We all know about arranged marriages - how they work and what all goes on before you say 'yes'. I always thought it was kind of funny and makes for a perfect subject for a film. But wait, there's more to it. And you cannot really imagine until and unless you actually go for a meeting like this one...

Whoever thought of the ‘arranged’ meeting
Was surely an absolute nerd
Leaving two strangers in an isolated corner
Is, to say the least, obnoxiously awkward

You are expected to chit chat
And find out if you gel well
If yes, the shaadi is fixed
If no, you are termed as rebel

Now imagine this sweet li’l girl
In such a dreaded situation
Facing a prospective suitor
After great procrastination

She begins with a hi and a hello
And asks politely, ‘What do you do?’
Behaving like a well brought up child
Atleast till the meeting is through

She is nervous and clueless
And stares blankly at the aquarium
Just then he pops the expected question,
‘So, are you vegetarian??’

‘Do you believe in God?’ he asks next
As if it were an imperative condition
‘Neither a devotee nor an atheist am I’
She replies smartly with great conviction

‘How do you spend your weekends?’
‘What all places have you traveled to?’
One after the other the questions keep coming
Shrouded in mystery & enigma - just like a deja vu

But slowly the uneasiness begins to fade
The interview transforms into interaction
And in a startling moment she realizes
Hell, there’s some sort of faint attraction

I quite like this guy, she says to herself
And prays he too shows some sign
But time seems to run out, he has to go
Oh, the pang of this damned ‘arranged’ design

The parents say they like the girl
But leave the final decision to the guy
She realizes it’s not the arranged meeting
But what’s worse is waiting for his reply


Piggy Little said...

sexy!!! wicked sexy!!!! :) :) :)

Piggy Little said...
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bhumika said...

:)) that's the first time the word appears on this blog!

hamim said...

i thinks he dont like her..i love to read on arranged marriage...nt tht i love it but i love to see how they overcome the obstacle.. :)
nway hye..i follow ur blog since i like it :)

bhumika said...


welcome to the blog and thanks for following it too!

i agree, arranged marriage is quite something. however i wonder why u say he doesn't like her...

dharmabum said...

this is nice. i wonder if it is written out of experience? ;)

bhumika said...



written out of experience ?ahem...well, let it be ;)

Carol S said...

That's a neat and descript observation of what goes on overtly and covertly in this 'arranging' marriage system. Well written gal... though I hope this is not first hand experience flowing into words.

bhumika said...


thanks and welcome to the blog!

hamim said...

hye bhumika..

actually i found ur blog when searching for meaning of song entitled ore-piya..

em i only assume he dont like her since he didnt say he was attract to her or feel happy or smhtng when talking to her

but if i was there n see the interaction, well perhaps i'll see better..

i like ur post...most of them related to life's cicle :)

Gyanban said...

what's worse is waiting for his reply,
whether you change your mind agree or deny,
you will always ask the question,
did I choose the right one , or are the good ones already taken?


bhumika said...


i get your point :)


:) wah!

That's precisely the concern. Always ;)

Jitendra Purswani said...

Just amazing......for a moment i felt like i was watching boy and gal talking to each other....Do post his reply.......BTW my wedding date is out ...its 31st Jan :)

bhumika said...

Thanks Jitendra. Thank the lord that you are done with it :)

Avishek said...


Gauri Gharpure said...

so, the rigmarole has begun ? :)

Priya said...

hey bhumika, quite a neat blog you have there... i plan to visit Ahmedabad next week. Could you suggest some good places to visit, i am hugely into arts & crafts and would like to lay my hands on some of Gujarat's famed arty-crafty goodies.
Pls let me know:

bhumika said...




you bet! :)


thanks priya. it would be nice if you could share your email id, i'll list down the places you can go to :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I about the brief should have more info then it has.

Vineeta said...

This is a neat piece of writing ;) I didn't comment last time cause- all I could think of was ask if this was autobiographical & thought that was a stupid thing to say :)