June 30, 2009


I’m not in the best of moods
So please bear with my rants
The fucking client doesn’t seem to end
His uncanny wants

One day he turns copywriter
And writes some shit
Says, ‘This is what I want,
Just refine it a bit.’

The other day he’s art director
Oh, he even draws the layout!
Sends it to the creative team
And says, ‘Call me incase of doubt’

Never satisfied with 2-3 options
He always asks for more
‘Kuch aur naya dikhao,’ he demands
As if he’s shopping in a garment store

His whims and fancies
Grow vicious day by day
Turning every brilliant ad
Into just another cliché

At times I feel like going
And tearing him into pieces
Neither a pig nor a dog is he
Hell, he belongs to a different species

But then, there’s little I can do
Afterall he is the client
Our salaries are thanks to him
So I better not be defiant

After such series of attrocities
When you get tired and highly pissed
Even you’d agree with me and say
Well, demons on earth do exist


girish said...

:) bravo !!

Piggy Little said...

:D :D

Prasoon said...

loved this but have a caveat -
pieces and species didn't rhyme like the request of sequence.. can you find anything else?
anyways, if you can't - i believe this is the best work represnting the global scene in a service industry. am tempted to take a print out and stick it to the cubicle walls :D

megha puNAter" said...

i know how you feel

bhumika said...


:) thanks


that says it all. thanks ;)


thanks for the suggestion but pieces-species sounds ok to me. say it 3 times really fast n u'll find it rhyming :P

even ppl in my office have suggested we take a print out and send it to our clients :P


at last, somebody to empathise with :)

sreeni sreedharan said...

cool,'GRRRR' poem ;)

bhumika said...


:)thanks! It's the only good outcome of the client's madness

Kshitij said...

But Sometimes it’s a whole new deal,
It’s not the client it’s your own boss,
That wants to have your head for her meal.

What I do at my work is make a report,
So I cam up with some random figures and names,
for Incetive compensation of a firm called Sumisho Compute or something of that sort,

My boss had the audacity to come to me and announce,
You know the name "Sumisho Compute" yeah change that,
Coz that’s something I THINK the Client cannot really pronounce,

So Bhoomika, this for me now is a done deal,
Office, after a nice weekend IS an Ordeal,
Coz we all know what's my BOSSE'S favorite MEAL

Please make sure your post reaches out to your client!!

bhumika said...


wow! :)

that's a good one kshitij. And yes, at times it's also the boss. Guess will have to come up with another post pretty soon :P

Thanks for this wonderful comment. Keep visiting! :)

SS said...

:)very well written and funny :)

bhumika said...


thanks! you were to 1st one to take a look at it :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Very well written.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...
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bhumika said...

@ Lakshmi

Thanks :)

Subhadip said...

Know exactly what you mean :)

R said...

I know your pain.

bhumika said...


long time. how have you been? and yes, thanks for the empathy ;)


welcome to the blog! your blog suggests that you too are from advertising. so i'm sure you know the pain better :P

R said...

Yes, I am from advertising too. I could easily identify with everything in your lines. Sort of comforting that there are more people that I know of who go through this ;)

bhumika said...


comforting indeed :) Thanks to this post i got to know there are many more sailing in the same boat :P where from?

pRiyA said...

hahahaha...LOVED this!!!

subcontinental.giant said...

The best is when the client gives you their edited interpretation of your designs in a Microsoft Word doc - and thinks that my role as a designer is such a breeze! But I guess this is the path we've chosen. Great Post!

Varghese Joseph said...

Agreed to everything said..Only a copywriter can understand the pain of another copywriter...Wht say..?

bhumika said...


:) thanks priya!

@subcontinental giant

That's a cool name! Welcome to the blog. And yea, we are the ones who have chosen this profession. But despite all this shit, there's no other place we'd rather be, isn't it! :)


Definitely! :) I'm sure you've had fair share of the same.