November 02, 2008

It was the break i was looking forward to. 6 days of complete freedom - from office and all the other stuff that make life monotonous. Found these strip ads in a lifestyle magazine just before the holidays. They sure were hinting at what was to follow.

I had quite an eventful mini vacation. And though i'm all charged up, i just don't feel like going to office tomorrow :P Will post about the holidays soon. Enjoy! 


Mana said...

Even I didn't feel like coming to office after Diwali. Hope you had a gala time!

dharmabum said...

always a good thing, a holiday.

Lazy Pineapple said...

hey Bhumika,

Hi I got ur blog link thru Shipra...Love your posts. The Rangolis were fabulous....I really enjoyed reading about Ahmedabad...I was there for a year but never got a chance to see the old city.


bhumika said...


:)i know how i feels. Yes, i had a good time during Diwali and will post about it soon! hope you too had a great diwali.


long time, how have you been?

and yes, who doesn't love holidays?! :)


welcome to my blog! Thanks for your kind comments and i'd highly recommend the heritage walk the next time you visit the city. Hope to see you around :)

Vineeta said...

WOW! A break, I missed you. Where did you go? Will you post about it? :)

bhumika said...


Had gone to a place in Rajasthan (let the name be a surprise!) and another place in the outskirts of A'bad. Had fun and yes, i shall post about it soon :)