March 11, 2008

Life's like that

I hate Fridays. They are like those people you wish to avoid but nonetheless happen to meet at regular intervals. Like a ‘dare’ that befalls on you no matter how strategically you try to play. It’s like what one feels like on reaching the top of the giant wheel. It all looks so beautiful from that height. Everything seems within your reach. But as it slowly descends, the larger picture is lost and all you are left with is that thing which lies immediately before your eyes. It’s exactly the way a Friday begins, giving hope to numerous possibilities. But by the time you plan something, it’s all lost. Whoosh. The ride is over. You have to come back to ground reality and begin the circle of daily routine.

The best things happen on a hunch, like they did the week that went by. A women’s film festival, a photography exhibition, a display of drawings put up by school children and another exhibition of a renowned painter, Nabibaksh Mansuri are the events that made my week. There’s something about the places these activities take place in and the kind of people you see there that gives rise to an emotion that lingers around for quite some time. Suddenly, you feel a part of a community that endorses the aesthetically appealing activities. It gives you a different kind of high; a voice that screams out ‘yeah, this is life man’. To paint a picture with bold strokes on a huge canvas, to capture the myriad human expressions through the lens, to appreciate beauty and have the freedom to express it the way you understand it...That’s life.

Had it not been for media studies, I would have taken up fine arts. I’m reminded of a line from Bob Dylan’s song, “People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.”


Chandan said...

Hey Bhumika,
Expectations like Fridays are inevitable... you just have to live through them as for NDTV programming, the least said the better... good for me the news chanels have me swearing off the idiot box o I have plenty of internet time ..;-)... that tells you I went through at least three of your posts.. you write well, will be back for some more SOMO action.. keep blogging..

Anonymous said...

The best things do happen on a hunch.

And Dylan's sentiments strike too close to home, as usual.

But he also once said something about there being no point in changing horses in mid-stream.

bhumika said...


welcome to my blog. Thanks for your appreciation and yeah, it's better not to talk about NDTV:) Blogs take care of the 'infotainment' need in a better way. Hope to see you around...


Everytime i have PLANNED something, it has never turned out the way i wanted it to. Yeah, the best things happen on a hunch.

And what do you say for a person like Dylan? He's God!

Anonymous said...

I hope that sentiment about the hunch rings true, because I'm about to take a huge one now, career-wise :)

As for dylan, I used to think so too, before I read the book 'Positively 4th Street: The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina & Richard Farina'.

Bit of an eye-opener, that one.

bhumika said...


wish you good luck for a successful career ahead :)

abt Dylan - what are you saying?! now i ought to read this one.

Dusty Fog said...

If only convenience and beliefs were a common path...!!!

Soosixty said...

hi bhumika, thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

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bhumika said...


so wish they were...


my pleasure :)



Anonymous said...

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dharmabum said...

"But by the time you plan something, it’s all lost. Whoosh."

i never plan. mostly not. i just do things on impulse. sometimes its disappointing, like going for a movie without planning means without tickets, hoping u'l find something. many a time, its housefull - in which case i jus enjoy the ride back - drop off at a tavern or two, talk to a couple of bums and then get back home :)

dylan is next only to god. if there is a god. i think there must be one. off tangent, but yes, dylan is great. sad ppl don't make that kinda movies anymore. whats even more sad is the lil kids who thrive on black eyed peas and other such meaningless stuff :)