September 20, 2007


I was made for this moment

As the sun rises, I get ready,
put my best (read garish) clothes
and wear jewellery that shines so bright
then stand on the road-side
in a posture that is sure to attract
many a buyer

Many eyes fall on me
I know I'm the best of the lot
A man approaches and asks, "how much?"
The man next to me replies " 501"
"Not a penny more than 250"
The man agrees, takes the money
and hands me over to him

I go to his place
and am treated like some god
I'm placed on a pedestal,
showered with flowers
and offered the best food every day

Soon many people
start talking about me
and line up
just to steal a look

My popularity grows by the day
but this doesn’t last for long…

Soon they ask me to leave
Nonetheless, with the promise
That I come to their place
The next year…

"Ganpati bapa moriya
Agle baras tu jaldi aa"


I said...

amazing ,very very well written.
Can i link this please ?

bhumika said...

Hi i! thanks for your appreciation. Sure you can link this :)

hope you see you around...