June 01, 2007

On bathroom singing...

I do not have a sweet voice. But that doesn’t deter me from singing, atleast not in the bathroom! One tumbler of water and the Lata Mangeshkar in me comes to life. Seriously, what is it about bathrooms and water that you can't help singing in the most horrible voice that has been granted to you?!

Ok, I guess I've figured out some good reasons:

1) You need to do some kind of timepass- obviously, how can you just pick a tumbler and pour water on you all the time?! You need some entertainment bhai...

2) Nobody ever listens to you. So the bathroom serves as a vent for all your pent up feelings. Atleast you can listen to your own voice.

3) The closed 'room' with the shower in your hand makes you feel like you are standing (or sitting, whatever you prefer!) in a karaoke studio and are about to come out with your debut album. SOLO ofcourse ;)

4) It's a good place to practice your singing skills which nobody ever appreciates. Who knows you may enter the next Maha (or is it Vishwa?) Yudh and become the 'Voice of India'!

5) And the most important : You are all alone in the bathroom so no matter how bad you sing, nobody can do anything!

And there are interesting features too that I have cited:

1) The songs HAVE to be fast-numbered or else it slows the pace at which you bathe. You see, the beats of the songs are directly proportional to the speed of bathing. And there are very rare occasions that you can spend hours in bathing.

2) The songs are majorly from the latest flicks, mostly the ones that Radio Mirchi plays in the morning. Only at times do I feel like singing good ol' songs like 'Kabhie-Kabhie', which eventually I have to fast forward due to unavailability of time.

3) Yet another important feature of bathroom singing is that it teaches you to adapt yourself to different situations. Imagine this: you are singing 'Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' (which happens to be my latest favourite) It is the time for you to apply some face wash. Obviously, you cannot continue singing but nothing can stop you from humming. So you continue humming the next stanza with all kinds of alterations in the pitches as your hand moves over the cheeks or the nose.

4) And it definitely evokes creativity. See for yourself - the songs get a personal touch when the latest events become a part of the song. It can be some political event, some problem at home, the name of your loved ones and so on.

Bathroom singing is god's gift to all of us! So do not, I repeat - DO NOT pass off bathroom singing as something frivolous. You never know, in future there might be some competition like 'Bathroom Idol'.

If you too have any logic for bathroom singing or any bathroom favourites, do share it! :)


Piggy Little said...

madam tussi great ho! how damn funny!!! esp. the one with the face wash n jhoom barabar jhoom :D i loved it!!!

Unknown said...

Your dream has finally come true...theres something called "Bathroom Singer" soon to be aired in one of the popular TV channels. Look out!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just writing a post for my blog on bathroom singing when i thought i'd google the term. Your post features second on the results just after an article on Wikipedia. I liked your observations and so added a few of those to my blog. I did acknowledge your post. You may view it here:

Anonymous said...

and i just realized, you'd need a Spaces ID to reply. So you may do so at satyajeetm@gmail.com :-)

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