May 23, 2007

Diamonds are forever

Finally! After more than 2 days of grueling, around 10-15 'fresh' concepts, and hours of introspection, one of my concepts was finalized…phew! Firstly the clients are never clear about what they want :

"You make something that gives a corporate feel." Eh…what do you mean by that?

"Ok, make something that talks greatly of our company". Well…that’s what we are paid to do anyways

"Oh, then why don’t you think about some concept and show it to us after 2 days." As usual, not at all focused.

Anyways, when I did make a few concepts, they said,

"Well, this is not what we want." Is it? Then why don’t you just vomit out what you want?

"Value - yes, make something on values." Hmm…that doesn’t help either but atleast something is better than nothing.

So another 2 days, loads of brain storming and at the eleventh hour my muse gets active and I hurriedly write a concept. I show it to my boss, he looks at me, and says, "Wow! That’s nice…that’s one of the best concepts I've seen lately. Minimum words, great impact!"

Whoa! I never expected a compliment like that from my boss. And then he adds, "Well, the client wants the complete film in 4 days. Just wish that they approve of it." BANG. So the grueling is still not over. I just wish the client likes this one, not because I've worked really hard on this but because I think this will really look great visually. Well, I forgot to tell you about the client - they are one of the biggest diamond dealers of Gujarat! I don't mind getting a solitaire as a reward for good work ;)


Piggy Little said...

ya. i like those one line comments. :D
good fun isnt it ;)
i liked it!!

me also is updated. check it up!

shreyas51283 said...

WHOA!awesome. simplicty is the best complexity.